The Desert Vista Literary Magazine has been in existence since the inception of the school back in 1995, when Desert Vista was housed in Kyrene Akimel. From 1994 until the construction of the present school, the magazine itself was entitled The Whale, and was sponsored by Alice Yamamoto and Deborah Benedict. In 1998, the magazine was briefly re-titled under the name Fat Guy in a Little Coat, when Stacy Graber took over sponsoring duties, and then re-titled yet again as Fragments in a Broken Mirror when the sponsoring duties transferred to David White and Chris Klein, who have remained the co-sponsors of the club to this day. With the addition of Chris Klein as photo and production sponsor in 1999, the magazine finalized its name as What the Thunder Said, a title that alluded both to Desert Vista’s mascot as well as to the final section of T. S. Eliot’s poem The Wasteland. Since 2000, What the Thunder Said has been the recipient of the NCTE Award on two separate occasions and has opened up the magazine to the LIT 600 Awards, which awarded monetary prizes to the best poem, short story, essay, and translation of Desert Vista students. 2014 marked a new beginning for the magazine, which is planning four online editions, as well as a single print edition, available for sale in May of 2016. In August of 2015, the sponsorship of the DV Literary magazine passed onto Kate Seeck who is spearheading a team of both old and new members. For more information about our student officers and magazine editors, please visit our Masthead.

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