Desert Vista is proud of its rich tradition of talented writers, many of whom went on to become published writers, poets, and journalists. Below are just some of the writing alumni to come out of Desert Vista High School.


Allison Benz (class of 2012), “Tick Tock“. The Traveling Poet

Anthony Huang (class of 2014), “Dateless Night“. New York Dreaming, Nov., 2014

Adam Lozier (class of 2008), “I Dream of Roethke’s Far Field” and “Come Home Odysseus“. The Traveling Poet.

Megan Lynde (class of 2014), “Nicotine“, Bicycle Review#29

Eva Marino (class of 2014), “Sitting in the Sandbox“, r.kv.r.y Quarterly Literary Journal, Fall 2014

Kellie Mejdrich (class of 2008), Writer/Journalist at CQ Roll Call, Los Angeles Register, and Orange County Register.

Eric Susak (class of 2008), “Hollow Bound”, Arts & Letters, Spring, 2015.

Esemel Valles (class of 2015), “I wish I could hate you…”, tnypress.

Clinton Bryce Williams (class of 2014), “Oh Peter, Why These Waters?“, rawboned Issue #3

Lauren Zack, (class of 2010). Love Crumbs, a collection of poetry.

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